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Workers' Compensation

Stockton Worker's Compensation

Workers' Compensation refers to benefits which are paid to injured workers, as determined by the California Legislature, Courts, and the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.  Benefits are either paid by the employer of the injured worker or the insurance carrier of the employer.  These benefits include cash payments and medical care awarded to a worker who became injured or ill while acting within the course and scope of their employment.  If a worker dies as a result of his employment, his surviving spouse, minor children, or other financial dependents are entitled to receive money as death benefits.  The largest provider of workers' compensation benefits in California is the State Compensation Insurance Fund.  However, many employers have purchased workers' compensation insurance from other insurance companies, or use claims adjusting companies to assist them in processing claims.

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Owner and Attorney at Law, John P. Carty

This law firm accepts State of California workers' compensation cases, but limits them to cases involving injuries which cause permanent disability or whole person impairment, and require future medical treatment.  We strive to obtain the most benefits available for injured workers, and move the cases forward as quickly as possible to a settlement or Trial.  Injured workers only have to pay attorney's fees of 15%, out of the amount of the proposed settlement, at the conclusion of the case. Mr. Carty has over ten years experience in handling workers' compensation cases, and will fully explain the pros and cons of possible settlements, including a Compromise and Release, compared to a Stipulation with Request for an Award, to you prior to the settlement of your case.  Prospective clients must submit to a telephonic screening of their case, and if a consultation is offered, bring all documents related to their case to the law office, and completely fill out a questionnaire, prior to their legal consultations. The Carty Law Offices emphasize good communication and providing excellent service to its legal clients. The law firm also offers legal services in Spanish for clients who only speak Spanish.

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