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Case Results

Personal Injury Case

May, 2015 - Vehicle vs. Pedestrian. Jury awards $200,000.00 to a woman who was struck by a vehicle outside of a crosswalk in Tuolumne County. See Details

Workers’ Compensation Claim

February, 2017 - Kenneth Johnson, an electrician by trade, was severely burned and psychologically traumatized when the electrical panel he was working on exploded. The Carty Law Offices were able to negotiate on his behalf  a settlement of $315,000.00  for his Workers' Compensation Claim.

Personal Injury Case

March, 2017 - Tim Davis, while waiting at a red light in his company pickup truck, was struck from behind by the driver of a Honda Civic, who was driving at an unsafe speed and failed to stop in time. As a result Mr. Davis suffered injuries which later required surgery. His case settled for $210,000.00. 

Workers’ Compensation Claim

November 2016 -- An Iron Worker suffered a significant right ankle injury while in the course and scope of his employment.  After diligently prosecuting the case, Carty Law Offices was able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the Iron Worker, directly before the case proceeded to Arbitration. The case settled by way of a Compromise and Release for the sum of $270,000.00.

Premises Liability Claim

December 2020 -- A married couple visited a dangerous bar and sustained injuries while on the premises.  The wife was shot in the face, which resulted in the total loss of vision in one of her eyes. The husband was grazed by a bullet and suffered loss of consortium damages.  After some investigation, Carty Law Offices was able to determine that there had been many prior criminal incidents on the premises, including one instance in which another person had been shot, prior to the incident resulting in injuries to the married couple occurred.  The married couple’s case settled for an aggregate sum of $1,000,000, in which the wife received $900,000 and the husband received $100,000 of the total settlement.

Motor vehicle accident

December 2020 -- A woman, who was stopped at a stop sign in her vehicle, had the opposing driver strike the front driver’s side of the woman’s vehicle.  The opposing driver had run the stop sign facing her direction, crossed the intersection, and caused the collision.  The woman suffered from significant injuries as a result of the collision.  After receiving treatment for her neck injuries and not receiving sufficient relief from the pain, the woman was ultimately found to be a candidate for neck surgery.  Carty Law Offices aggressively represented the woman in her personal injury case and negotiated a settlement on her behalf, for the opposing driver’s per person bodily injury insurance policy limits of $250,000.

Motor vehicle accident

November 2020 & February 2021 -- A man was involved in a collision in which the opposing driver rear-ended his vehicle. The collision caused him to sustain significant injuries.  After receiving treatment for his lower back injuries and not receiving sufficient relief from his pain, he was ultimately found to be a candidate for lumbar spine surgery. Carty Law Offices aggressively represented the man in his personal injury and underinsured motorist claims and obtained a settlement for opposing driver’s per person bodily injury insurance policy limits of $50,000, and a settlement for the man’s underinsured motorist per person policy limits of $50,000, for a total sum of $100,000.

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